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Welcome to the 2018

Constella Festival

For six straight years, Constella has rocked Cincinnati with diverse, multidisciplinary concert experiences and dozens of world premieres performed by some of the greatest musicians alive. The 2018 Constella festival, which marks the 7th anniversary of Constella Arts, was inspired by the love and passion that Cincinnatians feel for our growing city. From February 23rd through March 3rd, this passion will be manifested in several programs that include guitar music, bandoneon, tango, violin + piano, lots of visual art, and a premiere of a short documentary series celebrating our city’s Renaissance.  

2018 Season Passes can be purchased online or by phone at 800.901.7173

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Guitar Fever: Artyom Dervoed

The festival kicks off at the Freedom Center’s Harriet Tubman Theater on February 23 at 7:30pm featuring a jam session with a glamorous Russian “Guitar Hero” Artyom Dervoed. This program also features special guest musicians Tatiana Berman, Anna Reider, Ilya Finkelshteyn and Joanne Wojtowicz. We are thrilled to present his Cincinnati debut and have created a program for music lovers of all kinds and of all ages. Visual art exhibition accompanies this event. Art exhibition features artwork by Mary Barr Rhodes and designer clothing by Laura Laureto. The intense, passionate program will leave you with your temperature raised.

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Constella For Kids (World Premiere)

February 24th at 2pm, Constella continues its year round mission of music education with the world premiere of “Constella for Kids,” a free concert that takes place at the Contemporary Arts Center’s UnMuseum. The mystical island of Bassoon was once home to all the magical instruments in the land. One night a terrible storm named Crescendo split the island into many pieces leaving the magical instruments lost. Join Solfia as she embarks on her magical journey to uncover her past, reconnect the islands, and challenge the dangerous storm in this journey for all ages. Composer and performer - Jonathan Carlisle.

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Tango Passion: Duo Scofano Minetti + Special Guests

February 24 at 8pm, things heat up with the return of Duo Scofano/Minetti (bandoneon + piano) for an evening of passionate music at Tango Del Barrio. Also featuring Artyom Dervoed, Tatiana Berman and Jeff Greene. After the performance, join us for a milonga with Marcela Duran, known as “The Woman of the Tango”! Food and wine is included in the price of the ticket. Art by Caza Sikes.

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Constella Digital: Cincinnati Renaissance Project

March 2nd at 8pm, Constella will be hosting a screening of the second episode of the Cincinnati Renaissance Project, and other digital content we are currently producing. Last year’s festival included a sneak peek of the work in progress. Now, the digital project has evolved into a multi-episodic series starring dozens of Cincinnati’s biggest influencers and documenting the amazing chapter in our city’s history. Episode 1 will be released in January. Join us for champagne in a unique celebration of our city! At 21C Museum Hotel, Cincinnati.

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Not So Classical: The Story of Love

The 2018 Constella Festival will close on March 3, 7:30pm at Memorial Hall with the world premiere of Not So Classical: The Story of Love. The Story of Love is a conceptual performance consisting of short films interlaced with live music, and original poetry. Since humanity’s origin love has been a mystery, a fascination, and an obsession. The Story of Love continues this exploration through an immersive experience. Each short musical piece and film vignette utilises scientific data and philosophical references to convey chapters in the human and musical relationship with love. From the scientific to the philosophical, the emotional to the historical, we celebrate a magical force that can bring us both absolute bliss and complete insanity. Art exhibition features artwork of couples who are both artists.

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