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Constella Digital connects people and ideas through the production of music videos, documentaries, and other digital content, featuring Grammy award-winning musicians and rising stars.

Constella Arts is a proud production partner of FORTE 
March 8, 2019 @ 6:30 PM
FORTE screening and Q & A with Director David Donnelly
Garfield Theater, 719 Race St, Cincinnati
AFTERPARTY @ Aster / Sleepy Bee Downtown 

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For more information visit www.fortefilm.com

Vitali Variations

From The Huffington Post:
“…a playful homage to the past, in which Berman can be seen walking into an audition, only to be transported to another romantic setting entirely once she begins playing, one not unlike the typical classical performance stage. Clad in a gown and surrounded by fog, she’s accompanied by ephemera from throughout her career, a montage that ends as soon as her bow rests.”

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Arjun Verma, Idranil Mallick

``High Done No Why To``

From Classicalite:
”[…] the full video below for Teeth alum William Brittelle’s “High Done No Why To”–produced in conjunction with Cincinnati’s expertly curated Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts–is quite the visual achievement. Alternating between in-studio, black-and-white footage and a technicolor-ed New York City moto perpetuo, director David Donnelly and producer/Constella founder Tatiana Berman exquisitely capture both persons and place.”

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Michael Csanyi - Wills Violin Concerto


Directed by David Donnelly, Maestro is an intimate, unprecedented glimpse into the life of a renowned conductor and a vibrant, contemporary portrait of the world of classical music.
Constella founder Tatiana Berman was music producer for this groundbreaking film. Constella ensemble recorded seven unique pieces that are used throughout. Most importantly, Constella assists in sponsoring screenings of the film to high schools and universities which lack funding for this kind of opportunity. Through these screenings, we have introduced classical music to hundreds of students across the United States.

Watch it on Itunes here: https://itun.es/us/lAqVdb

(Visit www.MaestroMovie.com for more information).