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Welcome to Constella Digital  – connecting people and ideas through the production of music videos, documentaries, and other artistic content, featuring Grammy award-winning musicians and artists. Visit the ConstellaTV Channel for a featured selection of our content.

The Power of Sound (currently in production)

The Power of Sound Tatiana Berman

Our latest project, The Power of Sound, is a documentary + docu-series that raises awareness about
noise pollution and unhealthy sound environments which are major contributors to the growing
mental health crisis. Through exploring music, technology, sound therapy, and ancient sound healing, we address the urgent need to improve our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Popular culture often focuses on what we watch, eat and consume, yet, most of us will go through the day without ever thinking about the extent to which sound impacts our lives. The constant bombardment of unhealthy sounds has become normalized in contemporary culture. As a result, it’s easy to overlook how this influences our emotions, behavior, and well-being. This project is visually and aurally unique, featuring original new music. The Power of Sound aims to stimulate dialogue and inspire change in our relationship with sound, leading to a more fulfilling existence. Our past projects have received international distribution on platforms including art networks and major streaming services. Notably, our work is utilized as an educational resource. We were successful in securing the initial funding and after filming a substantial portion of the project we are now looking for sponsorship to complete principal photography and post-production. Numerous opportunities are available, and contributions to Constella Arts are tax-deductible. Sponsorship rewards include limited edition art prints, tickets to the premiere, and opportunities to host film screenings and live performances with Tatiana Berman. Please contact us at constellaproductions@gmail.com for more information.

Forte worldwide release

Forte is now available on Apple TV, Google Play, and other digital platforms worldwide. Forte is an ensemble cast documentary, featuring Tatiana Berman, Lucia Caruso, and Eldbjorg Hemsing.  Directed by David Donnelly (Maestro, 2015), this fast-paced documentary explores www.Fortefilm.com bannerthe notion of success and excellence from the female perspective. It challenges the popular and perhaps somewhat outdated notions of success in classical music through a fast-paced narrative of three female artists. A young Norwegian violinist on the brink of stardom, a cultural entrepreneur and mother of three who reinvents the traditional concert experience to inspire the younger audience, and a first-generation American from Argentina, whose creative process of composing a film soundtrack is documented and exposed in an unprecedented way. Forte also features appearances from some of the recognizable names in classical music including Tan Dun, Paavo Jarvi and JoAnn Falletta.
Please visit www.fortefilm.com for more information

Vitali Variations

From The Huffington Post:
“…a playful homage to the past, in which Berman can be seen walking into an audition, only to be transported to another romantic setting entirely once she begins playing, one not unlike the typical classical performance stage. Clad in a gown and surrounded by fog, she’s accompanied by ephemera from throughout her career, a montage that ends as soon as her bow rests.”
Read the full article here.

Arjun Verma, Idranil Mallick

``High Done No Why To``

From Classicalite:
”[…] the full video below for Teeth alum William Brittelle’s “High Done No Why To”–produced in conjunction with Cincinnati’s expertly curated Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts–is quite the visual achievement. Alternating between in-studio, black-and-white footage and a technicolor-ed New York City moto perpetuo, director David Donnelly and producer/Constella founder Tatiana Berman exquisitely capture both persons and place.”
Read the full article here.

Michael Csanyi - Wills Violin Concerto


Directed by David Donnelly, Maestro is an intimate, unprecedented glimpse into the life of a renowned conductor and a vibrant, contemporary portrait of the world of classical music. Constella Arts founder Tatiana Berman was music producer for this groundbreaking film. Constella Arts assists in sponsoring screenings of the film to high schools and universities which lack funding for this kind of opportunity. Through film screenings, we have introduced classical music to hundreds of students across the United States.

Watch it on Itunes here: https://itun.es/us/lAqVdb
Visit www.MaestroMovie.com for more information.

Cincinnati Renaissance Project is an ongoing series, highlighting the vibrant community and the arts of the Queen City. Special thank you to the Ohio Arts Council, The Morris Braun Foundation, and to the 21C Museum Hotel. Watch the first two episodes of the CRP below!

Episode 1

Episode 2

For more information about the project please contact us at constellaproductions@gmail.com




Cincinnati Refined

February 11, 2018

“We first discussed The Cincinnati Renaissance Project in a January 2018 article on the site, which you can view here. But to recap, it’s a new endeavor (produced by the creative minds behind Constella Arts) showcasing the first-class city we are lucky enough to call home.”

Cincinnati Refined


“And we plan to release “episodes” of the project right here, on Cincinnati Refined. In this video excerpt from episode one, you’ll hear from Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, who has made a name for himself in the city’s culinary scene.”

CRP Preview

by Leah Zipperstein

“The arts are important because they make up one layer of a city’s DNA. In the case of Cincinnati, this layer is integral to who we are — it comprises pieces of our past with notes of our presents with hints of our future. And this is true, relevant, and happening whether you are aware of it or not. The arts are like a living, breathing microorganism with an ongoing story to tell.”